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Benefit: Students will be proficient in producing realistic oil paintings at a very nominal cost

Method: With a stringent method and critiques student will learn to paint what they see


Coach’s Background: Kaustav Mukherjee is an award winning and internationally selling artist from Delhi NCR with extensive experience in painting methods and theories. Kaustav specializes in landscape, portrait, social commentary and still life paintings



Tuition Fee: Rs. 800/every two classes paid in advance (UPI: 8800324041@paytm / PayPal:

Timing: Every Sunday - 10:00 AM (Additional classes can be arranged)

Class Duration: 1-1.5 hrs approx.

Platform: Google Meet (Link shall be provided)

Contact: Here


Class Program: 12 Paintings & critiques

  • 3 black and white still-life paintings in 3-color palette from photos

  • 2 color still-life paintings in 4-color palette from photos

  • 3 color still-life paintings in 5-color palette from life

  • 2 color portraits in 5-color palette (from photo and life)

  • 2 color landscapes in 5-color palette from photos

  • Sketchbook work critique


Topics Covered:

  • Training of objective Drawing; Color Mixing and Painting Process

  • Acquisition of materials; studio preparation; tools; color mixing; brushwork etc.

  • Sharing historic examples

  • Post Training Free class: varnishing, framing, basic marketing, basic composition method

  • Sketchbook work critique

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